Endeavors of Futility

The past week(I know it’s been quite more than that) has been quite hectic. Been having issues of several sorts, had a few issues with my laptop that had to get looked into, had issues with my internet connection and issues with printers that had to be resolved before they could do their thing. All that over a week, just barely seem like a week, to me.

Having one of those times in life that you have to roll with the punches, till you get a few punches in. The past ten days, it seemed that I was waking up to more and more problems than I was solving. Everything was minor really, just there was a lot of issues that needed immediate attention and I didn’t have the necessary at hand to solve it with, so had to get the necessary tools and then work on the problem, such as a clogged shower drain that I tried snaking it out and was moderately successful with pulling a ton of tangles of long hair out of, but that didn’t solve the clog issue. Had to order food anyways, so added clog remover to that list after doing a bit of research, put the order in and then having to making sure that what was absolutely necessary got here(a bit of a fiasco, really).

On the 3D front, I had a two printers that were broken, again nothing major just annoying and time consuming. One the BLTouch wires had gotten yanked and therefore were partially disconnected and the other had a severely clogged and jammed nozzle that fixed itself after leaving the hotend at 260C for about half an hour, both not major just time consuming to run down the problem and fix. Both are running great and thinking of downgrading back to a Z end stop. Still modifying the X-axis for the Cyclone PCB factory, I don’t want to rush it and end up wasting filament. Ordered some stuff for the hydroponics setup that hopefully fixes some issues.

Remember you are amazing, seen and valid!

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