A Step Forward!

Finally bought a membership and got a real Domain name! I feel all professional and such, now. Seriously, it’s always a good idea to support those that support you, because without their support you have to do a lot more work and when there are problems with their services you are higher on the priority list of getting things fixed.

A bit about me

I grew up amongst crafters and have been crafting since before my teens. Being crafty is totally responsible for me being creative, because if I can create it in my imagination then I can make it. I also know the value of my skills, my products, and my time. I can remember a few times when people told my aunt, mother or grandmother that they charge too much or that they could make it better and cheaper, and they would not argue with them and ask the next person if they needed some assistance with a smile. It pays nothing to argue with fools, and it doesn’t take long for bystanders to wonder which is the real fool. The lessons I learned from them was to have great products, good customer service, cut your losses and be more willing to walk away than the other person is willing to bargain. The last is because there are always more customers that want your products than there are negotiators, so find the customers and ignore the bargain hunters, because they both will be looking for you with the right advertising.

Celebrating this auspicious occasion

I’ve started a poll for you readers to find out what you want to see more of, so go vote!

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