I’ve been on Covid-19 time…

The Isolation Blues

Oh wow, I know it’s been more than a few days, but it doesn’t feel like it’s been over ten days since the last post. It certainly doesn’t feel like I have gotten enough done over the last ten days, either. A solution to the time lapse between posts, I hope.

I’ve not totally slacking off, just sorta, really. My days have been filled with errands and trying to stay comfortable. I’ve tried doing the online ordering thing, both Amazon Fresh and Instacart, not total disasters, but was left quite underwhelmed and a bit confused. I’m a guy whom lives by himself, and routinely does my own food shopping and prep, so I have a clue or three about groceries and some of the toughness of certain things like milk, bread and eggs. You keep the fragile stuff either on the top of the bag or that stuff gets it’s own bag or two, just an FYI. So, having to go out and get stuff while abiding the new protocols in place such as face covering, social distancing and what’s open when. The heat is bad enough without having to breathe through a few layers of cloth, but it’s important to keep up the practice of these things so that we can eventually get back to some sort on normalcy.

It usually just takes a day to get errands done even with the extreme heat, but having to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and opting out of eating lunch at a restaurant as a respite and reward for adulting is both a physical and mental toll that has to be paid and without delay. Plus, had some pro bono jobs to do that were not labor intensive, but emotional taxing due to the new protocols. I just feel like I should have gotten a lot more accomplished than I have, which may be the reason for the sense of time distortion.

This blog is one of the more interesting parts of my week, and I most certainly look forward to writing it. It’s like writing about the events and milestones of my hobbies, as they happen. So, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch or three, and register this blog. That will make it more real for me, because I’ve spent money on it and therefore I am literally invested in it. It also gives you, my readers, an option to invest this blog’s entertainment and education values(I was good and didn’t use the words synergy or edutainment, lol), as well.

Teasers tease…

I’m working on a few updates for the hydroponics and the robot, and might even do something on 3D printing, as well.

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