Major Steps for Hydro!

Got the hydroponic garden started, the brains and muscles of the PCB factory got delivered,

Baby Pictures

Later today, there will be pics of the seeds in their new nursery. I had planned on designing and printing something, but in the interest of saving filament for more useful projects, since my plan is to keep growing the plants for as long as they produce, so a nursery can be improvised at anytime for growing more seedlings.

For right now, the plan is:

  • going to use a deep plastic ware(A little irony)
  • grow pods to give them a strong healthy start
  • add some friendly fungi to the soil
  • plant and water as needed
  • transplant to hydroponic garden when mature enough.

Here’s the baby(seed) pics:

Quite a bit done this week, not as much as I had hoped, though. Over the weekend, I ate something that really didn’t agree with me for a few days and is still having a residual effect to an extent. Hopefully, the next few days will show a lot of the progress of the other projects I have going on, though.

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