More progress on most projects

Just waiting on a few things to appear in my mailbox, it does seem that way since everything has been due for a week now. I think that everybody, very much including the USPS on that list, is doing awesome with everything going on. Going to the store wearing a mask and it actually being encouraged is a bit odd, though. Though, I do miss seeing the wall of boxes of filament and having to go through each shelf looking for a certain colour, type and size, because right now the selection is….nothing. Still printing the parts I need, just not in the colours that I desire. The printers keep on going and going.

The hydroponic garden is coming along, waiting for various things to come in the mail and printing the connectors for the PVC pipe as I type. I’m still researching a lot of things on hydroponics and thinking of what things are going to be needed to automate the process of having a hydroponic garden that is beneficial and grows nutritious food. Task to overcome to automate the growth process that have come to mind are;

  • Nutrient level in the reservoir
  • Electro conductivity of the nutrient in the reservoir
  • PH balance of the nutrient
  • When to turn on or off the light
  • When to turn on or off the pumps
  • Adding nutrients to the nutrient
  • Taking into account of human feedback to adjust nutrient levels

As you can see, there is a list of tasks to overcome, but nothing seems insurmountable as of yet. While I am waiting on things to arrive, I do have other projects to work on, such as the PCB factory and the robot. I’ll be assembling my notes of different plants and their different preferences. By the way, going to try to separate the mint and try to convince the cuttings to grow roots.

It seems that the process to get it to take root is to cut the stems, pinch the tops and place in water. I’m not to sure about the process, but will try it and see what happens. I probably didn’t let the water sit long enough for the chlorine to evaporate out of it, or some such. Onward to other projects!

Almost all the printed parts for the PCB are done, still have a few pieces to print and have some that are waiting arrival. I’ve decided to go ahead with the 52mm spindle, since it’s designed for use in CNC machines and would be way easier to control since it’s a DC motor. The next step will be assembling the machine and finding the missing parts for it.

As far as the robot goes, got the cogs, frames and some of the tracks printed. Even got some of the tracks linked together, which takes about an hour to do about 15, not too bad since each track looks to take about 60 tracks. Thinking of making it a puller, since I want the batteries in back to keep it’s center of gravity low and towards the back, under the eventual arm. Did get the 18650 LiPo charger boards in the mail, so that is an upcoming challenge to wade through.

Till next time,


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