Still in the planning stages

So here’s the basic list of basic parts that I recommend to get started with a basic hydroponic garden. It’s a mixture of 3D printed parts and manufactured parts. Most of the latter can be sourced either locally or on For the 3D printed parts there is a link at the bottom of the list.

List for Basic Hydroponics
4 Drip Nozzles4 Empty 2L Bottles
4 Sprinklers10 feet of tubing
4 Root ShieldsPVC pipe
http://www.3DPonics.comHeavy String

This is an incomplete list, due to this being a rough draft. I am still doing quite a bit of research and designing to make sure that the plants and project have a decent chance of survival.

By the way, I found a mint plant in my last foray into the civilized part of society they call a store. It’s still in shock so giving it quite a bit of light, water and such to see if it comes out of it.

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